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curved steel beams

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I have researched curved steel beams on both AISC and SEA websites, and from
what I have read, even from Charlie (and I verified in the manual), is that
heat treating members to curve them amounts in residual stresses. These
stresses are no more then normal fabrication, and are included in the
allowable stresses given in the manual.

One of our projects calls for curved tube steel beams carrying a very small,
light roof load. So I can design them just like a flat, regular beam? What
about horizontal thrust at the top of the walls? Should I provide a slight
horizontal slot to relieve any horizontal thrust due to "flattening" of the
beam. I guess this is not an issue because I have 12' spans with light roof

 Are there limits to the radius (ours are pretty large, ie, slight curve)?
How about the size of the TS? Can most fabricators do this, and it is not
extremely expensive? It is only a few beams anyway...

Any other words of advice or warnings would be welcome.


Andrew D. Kester, EI
Structural Engineer
Bentley Architects & Engineers
665 W. Warren Ave.
Longwood, FL 32750

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