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brick veneer/ airport wind loads

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Airport wind loads:
I have no experience in that arena, but if you use any wind load factor
increases for your design, you may reducing/changing them to better reflect
the frequency of the jet thrust loads. Then compare to your wind or seismic
event loads. I would personally not use a 1.33 ASD factor if the wind load
were coming from a jet thrust. It still may not control... Also look into
vibrations like someone else mentioned, that would give me concern.
Interesting situation though!

Brick veneer:

On the load bearing issue, I recently researched this same issue with
various codes. I did not find anything in the IBC that came out and forbid
it, although it sounded like it discouraged it. But in the Florida BC, it
says that the assumption for veneer is it supports and carries no load, and
lateral loads are transferred to the backing material (consistent with
Chapter 6, ACI 530-99). ACI goes on to say that basically, in a veneer,
"there is no consideration of stress", except for thermal I assume, and that
"veneer as an element without resistance to imposed load".

I have always assumed that brick and other veneers carry no load and
designed "around" it. Treat it like nothing more then a marble veneer. Using
some common sense structural engineering I think I would allow, if I
designed the fasterners, some small items to be attached to the brick like
signs and such, but nothing significant. According to the above mentioned
definitions I do not think I would ever treat brick veneer as anything but
decoration. I think if you allow connections to brick, you are just asking
for problems, from gravity loads, not to mention wind or seimic loads,
especially if they are lateral loads.

Andrew D. Kester, EI
Structural Engineer
Bentley Architects & Engineers
665 W. Warren Ave.
Longwood, FL 32750

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