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RE: Solid Grout Existing CMU Wall

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I have a request from an architect to solid grout an existing 8" CMU wall
that has reinforcing at 4 ft o.c. both ways.  This is for fire-resistive
purposes.  He mentioned something about "pressure" grouting it.  I have
never heard of this.  Does anybody know of an easy way to accomplish this
grouting procedure?

Jim Persing, P.E.
Bellevue, WA


This is not going to be easy....

Pressure-grouting is typically used by concrete repair contractors to
restore structural members such as columns and beams that require full
contact with well-compacted repair material.

You could pressure-grout from the bottom upwards. This would give a better
chance of completely filling the cores without the grout getting hung-up on
old mortar spillages within the cores - which it might (!) if being placed
by gravity. It is also possible that under pressure the grout would move
horizontally from one core to the next through the (possibly) un-mortared
joints between the webs.

Maybe you should start grouting at the bottom of the centre core within a 4
x 4 panel defined by the reinforcement, drill holes at the bottom of each
adjacent core, and see how well it travels? You would also need holes at the
top to let the air out, and to confirm that each core is filled.

If you have a lot to do you might even consider making a manifold to grout
all five cores within the 4' width in one operation.


Peter James

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