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Snow Loads - UBC Appendix 16

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Title: Snow Loads - UBC Appendix 16

I am looking for some background regarding the development
of UBC appendix 16 (snow loads portion).  I would appreciate
any help in finding references that would explain its development.
Specifically, I am wondering about the applicability of the drift and
special eave requirements where very large snow loads are encountered.
We do design in the Lake Tahoe area and roof snow loads of 250+ psf
are encountered (sometimes appendix 16 is adopted by the jurisdiction,
sometimes it isn't).  Is it really the intent of the code, for example to design
the eaves in a region like this for 2xPf (500+ psf!).  This does not seem
reasonable to me and based on what I have been able to find so far, it seems
that these requirements are based on much lower snow loads, like the 20 psf
snow load we have here in Reno.  Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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