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Welding question (for steel that's to be galvanized)

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I seem to remember a rule that says "welded steel
members which will be hot-dip galvanized must be
welded all around".  Presumably this is to avoid
having crevises in joist into which the galvanizing
might not be able to penetrate and to avoid having
crevises that might allow water to penetrate and be

Is this considered good practice?  Is this rule stated

Here are two examples of what I'm referring too:

1. Continuous brick shelf relieving angle welded to
the face of an HSS beam. (Use continous weld all
around instead of stitch welds?)

2. Small base plates welded to vertical L4x4 corner
posts on a galvanized steel platform. (Use continous
weld all around instead of a single weld on one side
of each leg of angle.

(Does anyone know of any good sources of information
on the web that give guidelines or tips about things
like this for galvanizing?)

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Cliff Schwinger

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