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Re: Solid Grout Existing CMU Wall

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Low pressure grout injection typically involves drilling injection ports in each bed joint in each unreinforced cell and then, starting from the bottom, injecting grout into each port until it flows from the port one course above.  Wooden dowels are then inserted into the lower port and the feed tube moved up one course.  Pressure pots are typically used with 10 to 15 psi air pressure.
Hope this helps,
Dave Woodham, P.E.
Atkinson-Noland & Assoc.
Boulder, CO 
I have a request from an architect to solid grout an existing 8" CMU wall that has reinforcing at 4 ft o.c. both ways.  This is for fire-resistive purposes.  He mentioned something about "pressure" grouting it.  I have never heard of this.  Does anybody know of an easy way to accomplish this grouting procedure?
Jim Persing, P.E.
Bellevue, WA