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Re: Narrow Garage Piers - Residential

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The January 2001 errata changed the wording from "one side" to "each side".  See

Jason Emoto

>>> "Dave Adams" <davea(--nospam--at)> 05/07/03 06:49AM >>>
Hello List,
I'm looking for some clarification on the wording of 1997 UBC Table
23-II-G, Footnote 3 (revised per errata January 2001):
"In Seismic Zone 4, the maximum ratio (...height-width...) may be
3-1/2:1 for walls not exceeding 10 feet in height on one side of the
door to a one-story Group U Occupancy."
The part that I'm getting tripped up on is the " side of the door"
phrase:  Does it mean that you can only use ONE SIDE, even if BOTH sides
meet this criteria, or does it mean IF ANY ONE SIDE ("either side")
meets the criteria, you may use the stated ratio.  It doesn't make sense
to only allow this criteria for one side if both sides meet it -- maybe
there's some history behind the footnote that someone can share.
I'm talking about engineered construction (as opposed to "conventional")
and I know there are realistic limitations to the behavior of these
short panels, but I'm just looking to see what everyone's understanding
of that footnote is.
Thank you,
Dave Adams, S.E.
Lane Engineers, Inc.
Tulare, CA

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