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Re: HSS Truss Stability

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Thanks Charlie
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Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2003 7:29 AM
Subject: RE: HSS Truss Stability

>I am looking for additional resources / references regarding
>truss stability bracing.  I have architecturally exposed HSS
>trusses spanning 44 feet with a 42 inch depth.  The trusses
>are top chord bearing at the supports.  Top chords are
>continually braced, the desire is to have the absolute minimum
>bottom chord bracing in the span and at the supports.  The
>architectural goal would be no bottom chord bracing at all.
>Any references / methodologies of rational analysis for evaluating
>the brace requirements would be appreciated.
There is an article in the AISC Engineering Journal by Jim Fisher titled "The Importance of Tension Chord Bracing". It is available free to members on the AISC web site here:
The provisions in the 1999 LRFD Specification Section C3 provide a means to select bracing that provides the required strength and stiffness. You can download this document for free (if you don't already have it) here:
Since you mention that you want to eliminate the bracing -- or appearance of bracing -- entirely, I'll note that you can design the truss members and top chord connection into the framing that frames to it to provide torsional bracing to meet the recommendations outlined in the Fisher paper.