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Re: HSS Truss Stability

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Another good reference is the paper by Nair in the 4Q97 AISC Eng J on 
energy methods for solving stability problems.  Even if you don't use it 
for your project it's a good followup to the king post truss bracing issue 
mentioned in the Fisher article and the subsequent discussion by 

Dave Evans, P.E.

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Subject:        	HSS Truss Stability
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> I am looking for additional resources / references regarding truss stability bracing.  I have architecturally exposed HSS trusses spanning 44 feet with a 42 inch depth.  The trusses are top chord bearing at the supports.  Top chords are continually braced, the desire is to have the absolute 
minimum bottom chord bracing in the span and at the supports.  The architectural goal would be no bottom chord bracing at all.
> Any references / methodologies of rational analysis for evaluating the brace requirements would be appreciated.
> Paul Feather PE, SE
> pfeather(--nospam--at)

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