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Re: Ferro Cement Dome Roofs

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AIT (Asian Institute of Technology) Bangkok, Thailand is the seat of excellence for this subject. There is a very famous book written on the subject by Prof. Ricardo Pama, one of the experts on the same.

You can visit the official web site of AIT, as follows to find out the details about the same.


Best regards,

Syed Faiz Ahmad; MEngg, M.ASCE

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

>From: "Simon"
>Subject: Re: Ferro Cement Dome Roofs
>Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 00:07:42 -0400
>You can refer to "Ferrocement & Laminated cementitious composite" by A. E. Naaman
> Does anyone know where I can find a examples of the detailing of ferrocent dome roofs. A contractor has proposed it an option to gunnite and I know little about the subject. I know that an ACI code is available but it will take a week for me to get it. I need to make a quick judgement on the thickness and detailing proposed to see whether to pursue it further.
> Thanks
> Mark Francois

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