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Welding question (for steel that's to be galvanized)

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As it was explained to me, if you have pieces of steel with crevices,
they get left out for a week in the rain or the dew and a little bit of
water wicks into the crevices.  Then the galvanizer dips the steel into
his big pot of molten zinc, the water flashes into steam, and something
explodes.  It throws molten zinc all over the place.  Shop workers have
been injured and killed by this.  Similarly, if you have an HSS column
or a pipe railing or something similarly hollow with ends capped, the
galvanizer will want a couple of vent holes made in inconspicuous
places. A side benefit of this is that your piece gets galvanized inside
and out. (I don't know what happens to water which might get into the

Talk to the folks at the Galvanizer' Association.

Mike Hemstad, P.E.
St. Paul, Minnesota

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