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steel lintel for brick

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It is apparent that the brick veneer is now self supporting by arching.  If 
there are properly installed brick ties, the ties are permitting the wood 
frame to move vertically independent of the masonry.  If brick ties are not 
installed, you have a real problem in that the brick veneer could be sucked 
off the wall in a high wind.

Packing the joint with a rigid mortar could do more harm than help if the 
lintel is subject to vertical movement due to moisture changes or thermal 
changes in the underlying frame structure.

Before doing massive remedial work, I would think that more study would be in 
order, first to make sure the brick veneer is adequately attached to the 
underlying frame structure and the lintel is structurally adequate for wind 
suction.  It may turn out that the underlying structure is constantly in 
motion and a flexible caulking is all that is needed.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Andrew Kester wrote:

. > I performed an structural evaluation for an upscale residence today, and
. > stumbled upon a strange situation.

. > House is wood framed with brick cladding. To support the brick over the
. > garage door, about 20ft or so, is a steel lintel of some type, I am 
. > guessing an angle but I guess it could be a T section. The bottom bearing
. > mortar joint has seperated from the brick almost enough to jamb a pen 
. > into the gap. This is the most in the middle, but exists to the end. 
. > There are no cracks or other signs of distress in the brick. Any guesses 
. > as to what is causing this?

. > I am going to suggest the gap be filled with mortar/grout or a steel shim.
. > Any other better ideas??

. > I can email anyone a couple of pics privately if you so desire..

. > Thanks,

. > Andrew Kester, EI

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