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RE: Braced Frame Cladding

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The work on this is actually going to be done by the client and so their casting the panels themselves but they typically only to tilt-up.  This is the first time their doing this type of construction so I'm trying to come up with feasible details.  I don't have any catalogs from pre-cast companies (we don't do much of this) so if your willing I would love to take a look at them.

Our fax number is (360) 779-4435.  Or if you know of any companies that have a good web site showing this stuff you could point me in the direction.


Thanks for the general philosophy.  I like the way that sounds but I'm thinking maybe have the bottom of the panel support the gravity load.  This way the seismic force comes in lower on the building.  I had a discussion here in the office about this but the boss wanted the load coming in further down than at the top of the frame.  He said it was better to have the load coming down at the bottom.  I think erection would be simpler supported from the top (less bracing) but . .

Thanks for your help,

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Your local precast companies will have typical connection details in their literature.  If you need, I can fax you some typical details from these catalogues.

Brian Stanley, P.E.

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Subject: Braced Frame Cladding

I'm working on a 3 story steel braced frame building with 5 1/2" conc.
panels as cladding on some parts of the building.  What type of connections
should I use to attach the panels to the structural steel?  If I weld the
panels directly to the columns and collector beams then won't that be
stiffer and load the panels rather than the braces?

This is the first building I've had to deal with cladding issues like this
and was hoping you guys might have some advice / input.

Some ideas I've had are only attaching the cladding to the horizontal
perimeter beams with an angle welded to the panel and then bolted to the
beam with a slotted hole to allow the frame to move horizontally.  Does
this create other issues?

Seth W. Cutler
R. L. Morrison Engineering Co.

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