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RE: Wall Footing Submerged 8 hours after Pour

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you might have surface problems due to the super-saturated condition, but as
Eric points out, the soil is probably more of an issue.

Nick B.

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From: Eric Green [mailto:EGreen(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: RE: Wall Footing Submerged 8 hours after Pour

Ignoring the effect of the water on the soil (say for example you have
expansive clay), the effect if wonderful. That is why ponding is a great
way to cure slabs. 

Eric Green
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Subject: Wall Footing Submerged 8 hours after Pour

With all the heavy rain falling recently in our area, we had the
situation come up.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly

What we have is a continuous wall footing, 16" wide by 12" thick,
concrete w/ 2-#4 long. bars that had been poured approximately 8 hours
a storm blew thru, bringing with it a fair amount of rainfall.  As a
the footing, which sits in a trench 3' to 4' deep, was completely
under water 8 hours after having been poured.

What affects do you think submergence after only 8 hours would have on
concrete?  Is there valid reason to be concerned with the situation or
you think the concrete had adequate time to set-up before rainfall?

Thank you in advance for your insight.

Troy Madlem, P.E.
Ken Herceg & Associates, Inc.
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