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Re: Wall Footing Submerged 8 hours after Pour

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I would think 8 hours should have been plenty of time for a good set and sounds like you got the best "wet cure" possible.  I might be more concerned about the soil especially if it is an expansive clay.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

Troy Madlem <tmadlem(--nospam--at)>

05/12/2003 06:53 AM
Please respond to seaint

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        Subject:        Wall Footing Submerged 8 hours after Pour

With all the heavy rain falling recently in our area, we had the following
situation come up.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly

What we have is a continuous wall footing, 16" wide by 12" thick, 3,000psi
concrete w/ 2-#4 long. bars that had been poured approximately 8 hours when
a storm blew thru, bringing with it a fair amount of rainfall.  As a result,
the footing, which sits in a trench 3' to 4' deep, was completely submerged
under water 8 hours after having been poured.

What affects do you think submergence after only 8 hours would have on the
concrete?  Is there valid reason to be concerned with the situation or do
you think the concrete had adequate time to set-up before rainfall?

Thank you in advance for your insight.

Troy Madlem, P.E.
Ken Herceg & Associates, Inc.
Ph. 574-288-4580 Fax 574-288-0195

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