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sheet piles, one more time

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2 questions.

1.  The soil I'm dealing with in a temporary cantilever shoring situation
has multiple layers.  Most of the example calcs I've seen from the previous
responses (which were helpful, thank you) assume one layer of soil and thus
are not suitable for me to use.  For example, it's unclear whether the
unconfined compressive strength in those calcs is from the top layer or the
bottom layer or an average of the layers, etc.

Finding the maximum moment to design the section is not a problem.  Finding
a good method for designing the embedment into the soil to resist sliding
and overturning is another matter.  I'm planning on using the unrestrained
pole footing formula in the code, the depth limit is 12 feet for
applicability of that formula and I'm right around there with my conditions.
Any comments from experienced engineers as to whether or not this is a good
approach for sheet pile embedment?

2.  I'm coming up short in finding resources for creating general notes.
I'm sure there's alot to say about how it goes in, what type of hammer, how
heavy, etc.  Does anyone know of a good starting point for creating general


-Gary Duncan, P.E.

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