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RE: HSS Design Spec

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The AISC HSS Connections Manual is all LRFD and is a very good resource, especially for joint design.  If you are designing using RISA or similar, can you create load combinations for LRFD to be used only for connection design, or you could just design the project using LRFD.
Nick B.

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Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2003 10:53 AM
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Subject: HSS Design Spec

I don't think this has been covered but the building I'm working has all HSS columns and braces.  I'm designing using 1989 ASD with the current seismic provisions and was wondering what was out there for designing these members and connections.

Just doing a brief search I found these two manuals:

1.  Hollow Structural Sections Connections Manual
2.  Specification for the Design of Steel Hollow Structural Sections, November 10, 2000

but both are only for LRFD.  Is there anything else out there that I could use to apply to ASD design?  Or any other references you might recommend?

I'm thinking about at least purchasing the connections manual because that shouldn't be too different?  Maybe there is some ASD info in there as well?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Seth W. Cutler
R. L. Morrison Engineering Co.