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IBC Seismic questions

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Two similar questions about the IBC seismic provisions:

1. Section 1617.2.2, concerning calculation of the redundancy
coeficient, says that rmaxi is the "ratio of the most heavily loaded
single element in the story to the total story shear".

2. Section 1617.4.5, concerning distribution of the overturning moment
at a story says: "shall be distributed to the various force-resisting
elements in the same proportion as the distribution of the horizontal
shears to those elements".

In each of the two items, the ratio involved is the horizontal shear in
each element divided by the story shear.  My question is: is the
"horizontal shear" just the portion of the story shear in that element,
or is it the horizonatal shear also including the effects of torsion
(and accidental torsion)?

Rick Burch
Columbia, SC

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