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Wood "Nailed" Moment Connection

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I'm sure many of us have seen wood beams that have been "scabbed together".  I have a rather unique situation where two rafters are sloping gently (about 1/2" per foot) to the peak of a low-slope roof and are nailed together (at the peak) with some nails & plywood "scabs" on either side.  There is no ridge beam, and the total span is about 18 feet (two 9 foot rafters abutting each other at the peak).  I have tried to envelope the analysis by considering it as a simple beam (with max. moment and no shear) as well as it being a rigid frame (nailed down at each end) inducing shear, moment, and axial compression into the rafters. 
Problem is, I have been unable to find any information about "nailed" moment connections.  Nothing in AITC, nothing in Breyer's book (4th Edition) and nothing after scouring the net......
Anybody out there who can enlighten me on this subject matter (transferring moment via a nailed "scabbed" connection) ?
Thanks in advance,
Robert Rogers, PE