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Re: Wood "Nailed" Moment Connection

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You would be the first pioneer I am aware of to quantify nailed connection
of some scabbed lumber, as per your explanation, as moment connection.
Note, the point of maximum moment in this case is the point of largest
deflection.  If you have a member that lacks continuity, it becomes a
challange to  evaluate deflection criteria.  Further, I have to admit that
in my past life, forensic experience, I came accross a joist framing that
was joined by a steel plate at midspan due to the brilliance of the plumber
who cut the joist to run his plumbing line.  To this date, I shake my head
for what I saw, and can attest to the fact I have witnessed some crazy
conditions that science would not be an option to justify.  I have heared
of an engineer in Riverside area, CA who uses wood framed beams and columns
as a moment frames resisting lateral loads, not sure how he computes drift
limits.  Well, AS Dennis Wish Said last time on this list, it makes me want
to go sell hot dogs.  Forget this nonsense.  
If I misunderstood your condition, forgive me for the long < Soap Box>.
Samir Y.Ghosn, P.E.
Harris & Associates
 At 05:35 PM 5/14/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>    &          Nothing in AITC, nothing in Breyer's book (4th Edition) and
>nothing after  scouring the net......   Anybody out there  who can
>enlighten me on this subject matter (transferring moment via a nailed 
>"scabbed" connection) ?   Thanks in  advance,   Robert Rogers,  PE     

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