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Gage Metal HSS

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I got this response from Fred Palmer, a consultant to
the Steel Tube Institute, regarding HSS in thicknesses
less than those listed in the AISC Manuals.
Mr. Palmer,
I found your email address on the STI website while
searching for an answer to a question.  A fabricator
proposed to use some HSS 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 11ga. on a
project.  I did not know this was available.  A few
questions spring to mind:

1.  Who makes it?

2.  Who sells it?

3.  What other thicknesses are available?

4.  Are the thicknesses accurate or nominal?

5.  Is there a common ASTM it follows?

6.  Is there a typical yield stress, and if so, what?

7.  Are section property tables available?

8.  Why doesn't AISC or STI include it in their tables
and manuals?

Thanks for your help.

Mike Hemstad, P.E.
St. Paul, MN

Mr. Hemstad:
I will answer your questions in the order asked:

1) The producers of nominal sizes with rational wall
thickness'. For example the producer of a 4 in. x 4
in. x 1/4 in. HSS would be able to produce that size
in a gauge wall thickness. See "Producers &
Capabilities" publication on STI web site.

2) The producer of the product (might require a
minimum mill quantity) and/or metal service centers.

3) Typical gauge thickness' would be 0.035, 0.049,
0.065, 0.083 inch. Note that when ordering/specifying
gauge thickness tubing it is advisable to specify
thickness as a decimal rather than as a gauge number. 

4) All dimensions, including thickness, are typically
nominal. The material specification, e.g. ASTM A 500,
stipulates manufacturing tolerances. The purchaser can
always order material to tolerance requirements that
are more or less demanding than those stipulated. This
of course would have to be done with the agreement of
the manufacturer and stated in the purchase order.

5) ASTM A 500 is the structural tubing specification
that would apply in the U.S.
ASTM A 513 is a typical mechanical tubing

6) ASTM A 500 Grade B (Fy = 46 ksi) and Grade C (Fy =
50 ksi) for square and rectangular sizes.

7) Section property information for gauge thickness
tubing is included in the "Handbook of Welded Carbon
Steel Mechanical Tubing" published by the STI. See the
STI web site.

8) The design information published by the STI and
AISC has been prepared to assist the designer of
buildings, bridges and similar engineered structures.
The small size and gauge thickness tubing products are
not widely used in these applications. 

Please call to discuss any of the above in more detail
or if you have further questions.

F. J. Palmer P.E.

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