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RE: Rigid Foam and Concrete Overlay

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Title: Rigid Foam and Concrete Overlay



I could not get a “k” from Dow for plazamate, that was why I ask the question.


Eric Green


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Subject: Rigid Foam and Concrete Overlay


The information from insulation manufacturers (DOW, Owens Corning) will provide k (modulus of subgrade) values for various layers of insulation (Foamular or Freezermate). The design of the slab on the insulation is done as would be done for any slab on grade (see "Designing Floor Slabs on Grade" by Ringo & Anderson available through ACI) using the appropriate k value. You must account for the slab loads (forktrucks, rack legs, floor stacked pallets,  etc) and you must also check the insulation for the it's capacity to support the loads.

Owens Corning has a tech guide for foamular insulation ((800) 828-7155) and Dow has a website that contains info on Freezermate (Owens may also have a website).

Jonathan Meyer, PE
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