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RE: Structural Properties of Teak?

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Ult values for Asian Teak Tectona grandis at 12% moisture content:
100,700 kPa modulus of rupture.  Suggest a FofS of 5.0.
10,700 MPa modulus of elasticity.  Suggest using 90% of this value for design.
13,000 kPa shear.  Suggest a FofS of no less than 5.0 and with splits closer to 10.0.
These are approximate numbers based on small samples.  But these are the numbers I would use for ungraded lumber to design a small deck with.  For a larger commercial deck I would need to find or developed grading standards.
George Richards, P. E.
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Subject: Structural Properties of Teak?

I only design wood structures about every ten years or so.  Nevertheless, I have recently been asked to design a small project in teak.  It's a good thing that the project is small, because teak costs about $20 per board-foot!  I looked in my electronic version of the 1997 NDS supplement but could not find any structural values for teak.  Can anyone out there provide some useful information on teak?
Thanks in advance to anyone who responds,
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas
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