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steel book, warehouse slab

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steel book:

I agree that the book by Salmon & Johnson is quite thorough and contains ASD
& LFRD side by side with refs. I have had good luck with it anyway, but I
don't do that much complex steel design.

warehouse slab add on:
I agree that a subbase of sand or gravel, depending on your geographic area,
would be a good fill idea. I see no problems as the load is being
transferred from one slab, to the sub grade, into the original slab. The
only issue I see with drilling holes in the original slab for drainage is
that you may be piercing a moisture barrier or something their for radon.
But these may or may not be issues in a warehouse, as well as the fact you
could add another vapor barrier for the new slab.

Andrew Kester, EI

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