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warehouse slab/ CA stamp

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Could you clarify your comment as to why sand is a bad idea?? I would think
the opposite. All we have in FL is sand (or limerock for flexible pavement
subbase) and compaction is hardly ever a problem unless you have high
groundwater. I would think a 4" layer of sand over the slab would be cheap
and compact well. I am no soils expert, but I thought I understood sand to
be easily compacted....

CA Stamp
You mean to tell me in CA an architect can sign and seal, thus taking
responsibility, for an and all disciplines in his project?? I would think an
architect would never want to do that for pure liability reasons. This is
spelled out in FL Statutes that you most definitely CANNOT sign any
engineering plans and vice versa for engineers sealing architectural stuff.
Also it is very specific in forbidding sealing of another discipline's work.
We are an A & E firm and on one set of drawings there may be a seal for:
architecture, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, civil, and
landscape architecture. Now all the engineers are just "PEs" here, but the
board has record of what you are tested in and you can and people are
brought up on admin charges for sealing any drawings outside their
discipline or anything they were not in "responsible charge" of.

I always considered the western states far ahead in code development and
enforcement (permitting, inspection) but this seems like a major gap in the
law. I feel FL is behind the times in many aspects but in this regard it
sounds like we are doing as well as anyone else...

Andrew Kester, EI

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