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Re: CA stamp/wet stamp/dry stamp/state's

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Gail Kelley wrote:

. > Re: wet stamping.  My understanding is that you have an original signed 
. > document  (not a copy),  not necessarily embossed.  When you (or more 
. > exactly, I) submit plans to DC for example, I need to sign each set.  I 
. > cannot sign a set, and then make copies. Some agencies require things 
. > like contracts to be signed in blue pen, so that it is obvious it is not 
. > a copy.    

. > Although this is a pain,  I don't necessarily think it is a bad idea.  I 
. > had a job recently where the contractor (who was required to submit PE 
. > stamped shop drawings)  simply cut the signed (but undated) stamp off of 
. > the first submittal and xeroxed it onto all their subsequent submittals.

Different strokes for different states.  Arizona requires the *original* be 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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