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RE: warehouse slab/ CA stamp

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My experience with sand is that it is OK as long as it is confined.  Having worked in an area where that's about all that was available we had to work with it and it was not a problem.  We used it under concrete slabs and it was awful to walk on but once the concrete slab was placed it was OK.
Wet stamping.  My career started in So. CA where the state (at that time) required wet stamping.  I then went to Arizona and did the same thing there because I thought it was a good idea.  But Arizona law required that the ORIGINALS be stamped and signed NOT the copies.  So before you do one or the other be sure to follow the local laws.  Presently where I practice it seems that some jurisdictions require it and some don't.  Just follow the local rules but don't get crossed up with the state laws.
Jim Persing, PE