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Re: Basic CMU design (was Fireproof part

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The minimum reinforcing for masonry walls was 0.0020 times gross area of 
wall, with not less than 0.0007 in one direction.

I say, was, because this minimum is now only specified for seismic zones 3 & 
4 although the origin of the requirement had nothing to do with seismic.  A 
number of years ago (35-40), I wrote Brick Institute of America (BIA) 
inquiring as to the origin of this minimum reinforcing requirement and was 
told that it was based on the ACI minimum reinforcing for concrete walls.  
However, since masonry was "partially cured" when installed, it was felt that 
the reinforcing would be subjected to only half the creep and shrinkage that 
concrete walls would be, therefor the minimum reinforcing was taken as 1/2 
the ACI minimum reinforcing for concrete walls.

Since it has nothing to do with seismic, I continue to use the 0.0020 value.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Eugene wrote:

. > I figured there was an ACI spec on masonry.  Hmm, I doubt anybody in the
. > office will have a copy though.  As you may be able to tell, we don't
. > design in CMU on a regular basis.  Thanks for the help though.  I
. > appreciate it.

. > -Eugene

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