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RE: WWF in slabs on form deck

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Title: RE: WWF in slabs on form deck


I provide enough for temp and shrinkage per ACI and also check for negative moment over supports.  I have seen numerous projects where cracks have formed over the supports and the owners weren't happy.

Brian Stanley, P.E.
Baltimore, Md

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Subject: WWF in slabs on form deck

I was wondering how others feel about the amount of WWF required in
slabs on metal form deck?  Take for example a 3" slab on 9/16" form
deck-if you look at the ACI criteria, 6.0x6.0x1.4x1.4 does not provide
enough area for temperature and shrinkage, you would need to go to the
2.9.  In talking to the engineer I work under, he has never had a
problem in the 18 years he has practiced with the 1.4.  I also called
another engineer at a metal deck provider and he said he has seen the
1.4 for over 40 years.  I am just trying to gauge how others feel about
this.  Thanks to all in advance for any help.

Chris Bowers, EIT
A/E Building Systems - Structures
L. Robert Kimball and Associates
Ebensburg, PA
Phone:814-472-7700 xtn.350

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