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RE: WWF in slabs on form deck

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I'm not necessarily arguing that the code minimums should be ignored, just that sometimes it doesn't justify doubling or tripling the reinforcing cost. I come from a high-end retirement community background, where the structure cost doesn't really come into play much. Stiff composite floors are standard, and appearance sells units. I always spec ACI minimums or better in those cases. However I've seen it done both ways. Besides, you're not eliminating cracks in the floors - and I'm sure you know that - you're simply limiting cracks. The questions is where is your threshold.

At 10:01 AM 5/29/2003 -0500, you wrote:
If I was paying for a brand new building, I wouldn't be happy about brand new cracked concrete floors whether they would be covered up by finish material or not. The little extra cost is well worth the expense.

If the Owner/Developer/Architect directed me to use less than the code required minimum, have him write a letter to that affect stating that he would be willing to accept the consequences of a cracked concrete slab.

Why stick your neck out and use less than the code minimum just because it is in a deck catalog? Is the deck supplier going to defend you to the Owner when the slab cracks?

Jim K.

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