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Re: bridge crane system design example

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Hi Igor,
I apologize if some of us instead of helping (the purpose of this list) others, take out their personal issues here. A good reference for industrial buildings and cranes is AISE Technical Report No. 13 - Guide for the Design and Construction of Mill Buildings. You can buy a copy of it in

I am sure you can handle the design and good luck in your search for information.



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Subject: Re: bridge crane system design example
Date: Fri, 30 May 03 12:03:49 -0500

>Has anybody seen a good design example for bridge crane system in literature?

Do yourself a big favor--if you've bid on a job and you don't know
something about bridge cranes, find someone someone who does to do it.
It's tricky stuff and it isn't amenable to on-the-job training.

Christopher Wright P.E.

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