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old rib bolts

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I found a 1969 Bethlehem brochure on HSB that contains a discussion of 
"interference-body, interrupted rib" bolts.  Apparently, even in 1969, A325 
quality interference-body bolts had no ASTM standard as the brochure 
states, "Bethlehem A325 Interference-Body Bolts have been approved by the 
Research Council and endorsed by AISC, the Industrial Fasteners Institute, 
and many government, municipal and private authorities."

If the bolts were made to A325 mechanical and chemical properties, they 
should have 3 radial lines on the head and the nuts should have 3 arcs, each 
at 120 deg.  The brochure indicates that they are to be driven into reamed or 
drilled holes.  The radial lines/arcs were the method of identifying 
HSB's in the late 1950's.  Undoubtedly, the head would also contain the 
manufacturers mark.

Dimensions given in the brochure show the diameter of the threaded part of 
the bolt being the bolt diameter.  For a 1" diameter bolt, the diameter 
across ribs is 1-5/64".


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Dave Evans wrote:

. > A drawing dated 1958 calls out 1" rib bolts in some connections and 1" 
. > H.S. bolts in others. In other words, it clearly makes a distinction 
. > between the rib bolts and the H.S. bolts.   No ASTM references are 
. > given.

. > According to Salmon&Johnson, rib bolts were of ordinary rivet steel, but
. > an AISC bibliography references a 1959 paper discussing A325 rib 
. > bolts, so apparently there were also high strength rib bolts back then.

. > It appears that there is no way to deduce the strength of the rib bolts 
. > and that we must remove some and test them.

. > Would appreciate any comments on this subject.  

. > Also, does anyone know of references that discuss rib bolts of that 
. > vintage in more detail?  What ASTM would non-high-strength rib bolts 
. > have been supplied to back then?  Would a 1" rib bolt be installed in a 
. > 1" hole?  Should there be head marks if the rib bolts were high strength?

. > Thanks,
. > Dave Evans, P.E.
. > TNH, Inc.

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