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Re: Column End Plates 3-D Non-Linear Analysis with ANSYS

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Even for a thesis, I don't think the tools are here with us as of now. You need a lot more finesse than is possible with a commercially available package to unlock these secrets with any kind of genuine accuracy that you are probably seeking. Ask the programmers of these packages and in all probablity, they'll agree.

Syed A Masroor
Dubai, UAE

>What are you trying to accomplish with this model? Is this a masters thesis
>or are you trying to design something? Ansys will do all that, but it may
>take you a month to build a realistic model. If you are going for the
>thesis, I would use brick elements for nearly everything. Shell elements
>probably won't give you the accuracy you need for the plates. Bricks will
>give you a bit more geometric freedom. IIRC, you can define non-linear
>properties of each element as required. Several similar studies have
>already been done. Look through the AISC and ASCE journals for more
>information. If you are trying to design something, I would use mechanics
>and check it by hand. Otherwise you will spend 10x the cost of the plate in
>Jake Watson, P.E.
>Salt Lake City, UT
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>Subject: Column End Plates 3-D Non-Linear Analysis with ANSYS
>I need to analyse column end plate subjected to moment, using ANSYS.
>The plate is subjected to biaxial moment while the bolts are subjected to
>bending as well as axial tension/compression. The plate is also subejcted to
>prying force and friction on one face.
>Can any body help me choosing the best elements for this model?
>Muhammad Naeem Akhtar
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