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Re: Steel Casing Pipe Joint Welds

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Are you talking about figure B Double-Vee or figure A Single-VEE weld joint?
(Image from  Army Training Circular No. 9-237 WELDING THEORY AND APPLICATION )
At a wall thickness of 3/4" I would use figure A. 1/8" root opening, 3/32" to 1/8" root land with backing. Use a 3/16" electrode for the root pass, sequential welds can be made with 1/4" electrodes, without backing backgouge the inside of the pipe and put in a single pass.
I doubt very much that the contractor can put in a good weld if a single bevel, (only one side beveled) at 3/4" wall thickness is utilized. It is generally common practice to limit the use of a single-bevel weld with backing to wall thickness less than 5/8", w/o backing to wall thickness 3/16".
I might agree with a single J-groove weld 1/8" and, 1/"-3/32" Root opening, radius 1/2", opening greater than 35deg, typically this is done with a pipe lathe of mill.

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Subject: Steel Casing Pipe Joint Welds

I have a situation where I have a 48" diameter casing pipe 3/4" thick that will be buried under 40 feet of fill for a highway. It will be installed in an open cut (it is a new highway). We called out for the welded joints to be double bevel (both ends of pipes beveled). The Contractor would like to know whether it can be single bevel. I would like to know if there is a standard related to this - or where I should look for direction.

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