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Re: Steel Casing Pipe Joint Welds

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As a minimum I would request a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) from your contractor on exactly what they intend to do.  Also request as part of the WPS that they include the electrode vendor data sheet and to clearly indicate the prequalified joint designation or, if not prequalified, provide specific test results or a PQR.  This gives you good (CYA) documentation and provides the inspector in the field or shop something to verify.

That said, your question depends on several variables such as welding process and more importantly whether you are trying for a partial or complete penetration weld (PJP vs CPJ).  Go to your AISC or AWS manuals and you will see that for either PJP or CPJ  there are prequalilfied welding procedures for single bevel groove welds with unlimited thickness.  Note that some require a backing bar which you may not want.

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06/03/2003 06:36 AM
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        Subject:        Steel Casing Pipe Joint Welds

I have a situation where I have a 48" diameter casing pipe 3/4" thick that will be buried under 40 feet of fill for a highway. It will be installed in an open cut (it is a new highway). We called out for the welded joints to be double bevel (both ends of pipes beveled). The Contractor would like to know whether it can be single bevel. I would like to know if there is a standard related to this - or where I should look for direction.

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