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Re: Steel Casing Pipe Joint Welds

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>The Contractor would like to know whether it can be single bevel.
It can be, but there'll be more distortion, and if he's looking to avoid 
welding from both sides, the inside of the pipe won't be smooth or 
finished, and you may run into corrosion or erosion problems down the 
line. Double bevel means that the ID and the OD of the pipe is grooved 
and the weld is made from both sides; single bevel usually refers to a 
weld that is made from one side only. It may be more convenient to make 
the joint from one side, but you'll use more weld metal and get more 
distortion in addition to having an unfinished root opening. With 
material that thick I think the double welded detail is better.

There is no standard for this--AWS makes no particular judgement about 
the selection of a single or double groove detail since this it depends 
on specific circumstances. 

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