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Brick support

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Sorry for the confusion.  The exterior brick of a multistory building
extends down to an opening just below a steel beam at the second floor.  The
brick is ?wrapped? around the steel beam and extends about 2? up the
interior face to the second floor slab.  The bottom course on each face is a
soldier course.   The underside of the opening is two soldier courses ?laid
down? on their side (i.e. the holes in the brick run parallel to the steel
beam).  Can the brick across the bottom of the opening be hung from the
steel beam or is there another way to support it?  Hopefully that explains
it a little better.

Thanks again,


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Subject: brick lintel clarification


Maybe it is just me, but can you clarify how the bottom of the brick is
supposed to look? We have had to support bricks over lots of different types
of openings, and there are different options, but yours is tricky. If you
can describe it a bit more clearly, I think you will get better responses..


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I have a brick skinned building with the several wide openings (approx 13').
The architect wants to see brick when you pass under these openings (and not
the underside of a steel lintel).  The section through the opening has two
soldier course on the inside and outside face with two bricks laying down on
the bottom surface(about 2' total width).  The brick on the inside face runs
up about 2' to the floor above.  I don't believe that arching action of the
brick is an option here as the depth is too shallow and the steel beam is in
the way.  My first thought was to use stone anchors and hang the brick from
the beam above but this looks terribly difficult and expensive.  It seems
that this would be a common occurrence.  I am concerned that the brick on
the bottom may want to fall out eventually.  Any suggestions for supporting
this brick?

Thanks in advance,

Dwain Hendershot

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