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Re: augered piles

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The intent here could be that if a soils report is available for a property in the near vicinity of the project and the building official deems that as adequate for the design of the foundation, then a new report may not be required.

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A Sidebar on this question concerning IBC and piles.

"Section 1802.2.4 Pile and pier foundations.  Pile and pier foundations shall 
be designed and installed on the basis of a foundation investigation and 
report as specified in Sections 1802.4 through 1802.6 and Section 1807.2.1."

This seems to require a soil report for all Pile and pier foundations 

Now Sections 1802.4 through 1802.6  state what is to be included in the 

However here is the tricky part Section 1807.2.1
1807.2 Piers and piles - general requirements

1807.2.1 General.  Pier and pile foundations shall be designed and installed 
on the basis of a foundation investigation as defined in Section 1802, unless 
sufficient data upon which to base the design and installation is available.

This seems to state that if it is felt that other information is available 
then a foundation investigation is not needed, any ideas on the contradictions 
here?  We wouldn't do such a design without a report but it is always easier to 
get the owner to pay if you can say the code requires it.  

-Bill King, PE

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