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RE: Tapered Steel Beam

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Your situation gets spookier and spookier.

At this point, I would insist that a complete set of the bidding documents be 
provided to see what was specified.  I would also contact the SEOR or AOR and 
find out what he/she was considering in performing the design.

Aquatic Center ---> enclosed swimming pool?

I was called out many years ago because of distress in a PEMB constructed 
over a swimming pool.  A suspended ceiling was hung from the PEMB structure 
and the suspension wires had pulled thru the steel flanges which had rusted 
thru due to the chlorine laden moisture created by the water in the swimming 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Bill Marczewski wrote:

. > Mike:

. > Thanks for your input.  I don't believe this beam will be subject to
. > fatigue as it clear spans in the roof of an aquatic center.  I also
. > asked why the original design engineer doesn't approve this
. > modification.  Here's the response I was given.  The steel fabricator is
. > under contract from a pre-engineered wood truss company who thought they
. > could span the 56' with a glue-lam beam.  Guess it didn't work and the
. > truss company hired a local steel/welding company who then contacted me.
. > Since my first posting, I have now been asked to verify the W21x147.  I
. > live in a relatively rural county that has some odd construction
. > practices, and sometimes frightening design solutions are presented by a
. > variety of local consultants (PE's and Non-PE's).  I'm the first
. > structural engineer that has settled in this community, so I expect to
. > have some headaches associated with construction means, methods,
. > procedures and techniques.  

. > Bill S. Marczewski, P.E.

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