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concrete shear walls

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Title: concrete shear walls

I am in the process of designing a mid-height concrete building resisted by concrete shear walls.  The shear walls are concentrated around the elevator and stairs and unfortunately there is plenty of torsion.  Due to the door openings, The shear walls are in several shapes C's, T's and Z's.  Is there any kind of limiting factor for the flange returns?  Many of the shear wall look similar to the ones shown in PCI Design Handbook, page 3-37 Table 3.7.3. 

How exactly do you go about designing an abnormally shaped shear wall with axial, shear and moment?  PCI doesn't address the topic.  Can you just enter the shape into PCA Column program with the axial force and moment (check shear by hand) and analyze it with different reinforcing schemes?  It would seem that putting large quantities of reinforcing at the ends would help best will the flexural design, but is it common practice to designing using distributed layers of bars?  Aren't there stress concentrations at the intersections of the C's, T's and Z's?  How do you check this?

Brian Stanley, P.E.
Baltimore, Md