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RE: Column Anchor Bolt Placement

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Not sure I agree with this.......but maybe I'm misintepreting what you're saying....
consistency in modeling is okay.......but let's not forget the practiticality that every connection has some rigidity.....
numerical modeling versus actual reality is always an issue....torsional springs are available in some software programs to model partial rigidity....
also....just because you check a bolted anchor connection for a construction load to see if it can "cantilever" to some degree (for some types of loads) does not imply that it has to be designed as a fixed-end moment condition capable of withstanding the design moments for a frame analysis.......because if the connection yields ever so slightly, then moment redistribution takes if you modeled it as pinned, and designed the other connections to handle the moments generated by a pinnned condition at the base, I'd say everything's okay.....  ...
Just my thoughts...
Robert Rogers, PE
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Yes, you can.  However, please keep in mind the column end condition assumed in the design.  If you assumed a fixed end condition at the base plate, the size and spacing of anchor bolts and the plate thickness should be designed for the column moment at its base.

richard lewis <rlewistx(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I have a question concerning OSHA 4 bolt column anchors. I have a W14x34
column as part of a small rigid frame. I can fit all 4 bolts inside the
column flanges. Is that allowed, or do the bolts have to be outside the
column flanges?



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