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RE: grouting requirements for fire-resistant walls

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I think I will have to disagree with this response -- at least from the UBC perspective.  Table 7-4 in Schneider is OK for determining shear for structural purposes but cannot be used for fire resistance.
There is a similar table (B-3a, 4th Edition) in the Reinforced Masonry Engineering Handbook by James Amrhein but he included a footnote #2 which states in part "...This Equivalent Solid Thickness (EST) is for the determination of area for structural design only, e.g. fa = P/(EST).  It is NOT to use to obtain fire ratings...."
Jim Persing, PE
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Subject: grouting requirements for fire-resistant walls

Dear Sir or Madame:
Fire resistance for masonry walls involves 2 steps.
    1.  UBC requires a specific  'equivalent solid thickness' to qualify for a particular fire rating. 
    2.  Determine if the grouting you specify gives you the 'equivalent solid thickness'.  'Reinforced Masonry Design' by Schneider, 3rd Edition Table 7-4 gives the 'equivalent solid thicknesses' for several grouting patterns. 
E-mail me privately and I can Fax you the tables.
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