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RE: fire resistance rating of CMU

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As long as we are taking sides, I agree with Jim Persing.
Equivalent Solid Thickness is relevant to shear design in masonry.
UBC Table 7-B is relevant to fire resistant construction in masonry - short answer: partially grouted (24" o.c.) = 2 hr, solid grouted = 4 hr.
Unless of course I see an accepted document that says otherwise.
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Subject: fire resistance rating of CMU

Dear Jim:
3 things.
    1.  Amrhein is the "guru" of masonry design.  You have a very strong point, however:
    2.  Schneider does not make that footnote in Table 7-4 excluding the values when calculating fire resistance ratings.
    3.  NCMA publishes TEK reports.  NCMA-TEK 35-B titled 'Fire Safety with Concrete Masonry'.  This may be available On-Line.  There may be a newer version (with a different number) than the 1984 one I have. 
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