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Column Anchor Bolt Placement

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Richard Lewis wrote:

"I have a question concerning OSHA 4 bolt column
anchors.  I have a = W14x34 column as part of a small
rigid frame.  I can fit all 4 bolts inside the column
flanges.  Is that allowed, or do the bolts have to be
outside the column flanges?"

Since no one else has asked, I will:  How do you fit 4
anchor bolts inside the flanges of a W4x13?  We have a
hard time making them fit inside a W8x31.  The people
who put these things up tend to have big hands.

I believe the OSHA rules have an exception for steel
members weighing less than 300 pounds, referred to as
"posts."  Admittedly, 300 pounds doesn't get you much
of a post; I think it's intended for short members,
for example something holding up a stair landing. 
Besides, the idea of a 290 pound post falling over on
someone doesn't sound too cool to me.  We very seldom
try to cheat on the intent of that rule, legal or not.
 Pressure to do so almost always springs from
architects who are trying to make columns disappear
into a wall or something.  We try to get together with
the architect early enough to make sure we have room
for our framing.  Not to turn this into an inane
lecture--sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Mike Hemstad, P.E.
St. Paul, Minnesota

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