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Re: Washington State SE Exam - Local Test

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The 1997 UBC (unless they decide to switch to the IBC).  Study all the
materials (i.e. steel, wood, masonry, concrete).  Know the wind as well
as the seismic provisions.  Others had recommended using the
preparation/study material that is "designed" for the California SE exam
(i.e. Western States exam) such as the Structural Engineering Review
Manual by Ben Yousefi, et al or Williams Seismic Design of Buidlings and
Bridges.  You may be in a better position that I was since I was not too
familiar with the UBC (it is not used in my neck of the woods).  I did not
really study for it last time, thus I will be taking it again in the fall.
This time I will study (at least some...I am still lazy <grin>).  I came
reasonably close to passing with little studying, so I would say that as
long as you have a good basic understanding of wind, seismic, wood,
masonry, steel, and concrete, then you are off to a good start.  Add to
that familiarity with  the 1997 UBC and you are likely doing pretty good
without even starting to study (and start off further than me from
IBC/BOCA land).

For this time around, my many "studying" effort will be getting familiar
with the UBC provisions.  While the concrete provisions are very similiar
to ACI 318 provisions (which I am more or less familiar with), I had a
more difficult time locating things that I needed in them.  Thus, I plan
to read through all the structural provisions at least once, if not more,
just so that I know the lay of the land.  I will then go from there.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003, Bill Marczewski wrote:

> Can anybody provide some input on what the subject material will look
> like for the Washington State SE Exam, specifically the local 8-hour
> test (NOT the NCEES - SII Exam), and comment on preparation techniques.
> I haven't been able to locate any information from the NCEES website
> regarding this exam.  Any tips are appreciated.  Thanks.
> Bill S. Marczewski, P.E.
> BSM Structural, LLC
> Astoria, Oregon 97103

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