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OUt of curiousity , what type of structure is this? We are in the middle of
hurricane country and I do metal buildings all the time and those are big
uplift loads.

Someone else suggested reinforcing the slab if it is SOG and model it as
cantilevering out from the footing. I use that method as well, because if
you already have 4-6" slab, and your footing is poured where TOF=TOS, then
you are killing two birds with one piece of aggregate. You would be
surprised how far you can cantilever a slab/ftg when it is reinforced
properly and only has to carry its own dead load.

For piles, what type of soil do you have? Drilled shaft footings are a
popular option here in FL with our sandy soil, they go in really quick. You
lower a pre-fabricated reinf. cage and pour. You get a lot of concrete
without much labor for preparation, and you also get pullout resistance of
the soil. This is not my area of expertise, who you really should be talking
to is the geotech on the project who can suggest which type of pile will
give you the best pullout resistance.

One last thought, were those net uplift loads, unfactored? Some building
codes require you to use a FS with overturning or uplift for overall
stability of the buildings. Just for kicks, a 150kip ftg = 14x14x5' deep
ftg. Hope this isn't design-build or you will have a very , very upset GC
for a partner. Trust me, had that happen........

Good luck,
Andrew Kester, EI
Longwood, FL

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