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Membrane over slab for hard surfaces

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There is a membrane that I've used on my floor about seven years ago that is secured over  cracks in slab on grade foundations that dampen or prevent the crack from radiating through a hard surface floor such as marble, Saltillio tile, or any other type of pavers or ceramic tile. The membrane consisted of two fabric layers separated by a neoprene or rubber material. The total thickness is about 1/8-inch, possibly slightly less. The membrane is secured with an adhesive to 12 to 18-inches on each side of the crack for the full length of all cracks. In the last seven years, not one crack radiated through our pavers which cover the entire home.
I am looking for a specification on this type of membrane and can't find it. The store that I bought it in rolls can only tell me their supplier and do not know what an ICBO report or specification is for me to search out the manufacturer. If any of you know what and who sells this membrane so that I can obtain a specification to add to my general notes I would appreciate it. The material is not cheap, but when designing custom homes, I find that local concrete contractors will not properly insure that they cure the slab by keeping it moist. They generally place the slab and leave. This leads to cracks in almost every slab placed out here regardless of mix.
If anyone has familiarity with this type of product, I would appreciate any information you can reveal as most of the homeowners seeking retribution for cracked floors come to the engineer rather than the GC and I have always described it on my plans but find that the GC generally switches over to multiple layers of "Builders Paper" which is not much different than laying newspaper over the cracks.


Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant