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Re: Membrane over slab for hard surfaces

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Dennis, stop on by your local Tile Store, Not Home
Depot, a legitamate Tile store, they will head you in
the right direction ie Manufactuer/ possible spec
sheet.Said Membrane is just as you called it, Note;
the stuff I used in the past, is 18" wide, and you
just center it over the crack, a peel and stick
affair.The GC, well Denise, he's relying on the Tile
Setter. A good tile setter will address the problem IF
the crack is apparent. No crack equals no membrane,
problem is Time. There is a latex thinset, more $$,
more flexible than "regular thinset. Good Luck Jim J
--- Dennis Wish <dennis.wish(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> There is a membrane that I've used on my floor about
> seven years ago
> that is secured over  cracks in slab on grade
> foundations that dampen or
> prevent the crack from radiating through a hard
> surface floor such as
> marble, Saltillio tile, or any other type of pavers
> or ceramic tile. The
> membrane consisted of two fabric layers separated by
> a neoprene or
> rubber material. The total thickness is about
> 1/8-inch, possibly
> slightly less. The membrane is secured with an
> adhesive to 12 to
> 18-inches on each side of the crack for the full
> length of all cracks.
> In the last seven years, not one crack radiated
> through our pavers which
> cover the entire home.
> I am looking for a specification on this type of
> membrane and can't find
> it. The store that I bought it in rolls can only
> tell me their supplier
> and do not know what an ICBO report or specification
> is for me to search
> out the manufacturer. If any of you know what and
> who sells this
> membrane so that I can obtain a specification to add
> to my general notes
> I would appreciate it. The material is not cheap,
> but when designing
> custom homes, I find that local concrete contractors
> will not properly
> insure that they cure the slab by keeping it moist.
> They generally place
> the slab and leave. This leads to cracks in almost
> every slab placed out
> here regardless of mix. 
> If anyone has familiarity with this type of product,
> I would appreciate
> any information you can reveal as most of the
> homeowners seeking
> retribution for cracked floors come to the engineer
> rather than the GC
> and I have always described it on my plans but find
> that the GC
> generally switches over to multiple layers of
> "Builders Paper" which is
> not much different than laying newspaper over the
> cracks.
> Sincerely,
> Dennis S. Wish, PE
> California Professional Engineer
> Structural Engineering Consultant
> dennis.wish(--nospam--at)

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