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Re: Life Line Reference

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The OSHA standard is 1926 Subpart M (Fall protection) and Subpart R (Steel erection). Also look at OSHA 3146 "Fall Protection in Construction" booklet.
These are available on the OSHA website
The Nigel book is good but hard to get hold of.  I recently borrowed a copy via a inter library load, apparently there was only 2 copies in the state.  If you know a CSP (Certified Safety Specialist) He might have a copy of the book it is listed as a reference for the CSP exam.
As for Horizontal life lines, watch the deflection of the line, the osha inspector will measure it if you are so unlucky as to have an inspection.
Contact me directly if you need more information. I am an OSHA Authorized Trainer for the Construction Industry.

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Subject: Life Line Reference

I received an inquiry today from a steel fabricator regarding criteria for installation of a life line cable around the perimeter of upper level floors. He's proposing use of an eyebolt spaced along the steel spandrel beams at each floor. The eyebolts will support the cable life line to which the workers can attach their safety harnesses. Are industry standards (OSHA?) available that provide guidance or criteria for this situation?

Charlie Canitz, PE
Bel Air, MD