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Re: Gallery Walls

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Since when does the engineer worry about decorative contents that may rotate every season.
Seams to me the architect and curator should carry some of the 'load'.
However, a Rodin sculpture could weigh a ton; and little Degas bronze just a few pound!
More, the Blue Boy is no bigger than a telephone book; but a contemporary Liechtenstein may
have an aspect ratio of a good sized shear wall!
Good opportunity to put aside all those LRFD guides and enjoy the pricey art books on the coffee table...

Steven A.
Los Angeles

Mark Hickey wrote:


I would be grateful for any assistance that I receive.
I am the structural engineer for a proposed art gallery
The walls of the art gallery will be structural steel with cold formed steel studs and an 18mm (3/4") ply cladding into which the hangars for the art work will mount.

I can't get anything out of the client or the architect on likely hanging loads and I am a bit concerned about support of the studs as they will need to span approximately 3m (10ft).

If anyone has suggestions on typical loadings,  I can design a system and set some limits
Would also appreciate comments from anyone who has done this sort of thing
Mark Hickey
Brisbane Australia

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